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Ms Tashanna Brooks (18) of North Side Anguilla, is a young employee of the Anguilla Immigration Department.  She is determined to continuously push her life in the right direction and we're happy to profile her on AnguillaLNT.

Anguillians may have seen Tashanna previously as an active member of the "Oh Yeah Theatre Group", as the 2nd runner up in the 2001 Summer Festival Prince & Princess Show  or an active participant in the Summer Festival Parade.


Entered The Valley Primary School in 1994  and graduated in June 2001

Entered Campus B during September 2001 and was immediately placed in band-one classes expect for one band-two assignment.

In 2002 she was promoted to all band-one classes.

In 2003 she crossed over to Campus A and continued being in the highest classes.

In May 2006,  she wrote 7cxc examinations and passed 6 along with Hotel Management. She received Top Honours in Hotel Management along with one other student.

Successful passes:

  • Office Procedures
  • English A
  • Social Studies
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Principles Of Accounts

"Reading, Going to the beach, meeting new people, surfing the net, most of all just going out and having fun, I LOVE to dance!!"


 "I never really had college on my mind but as I progress I realised that in Anguilla if you are not qualified you are highly disadvantaged."

"I think If I believe then I will achieve...I just gotta put my head and brain into it."


  • June 2006-August 2006, Job trained at Scotia Bank doing filing, teller work and wire transfers.
  • September 2006-October 2006 Postal Teller at the Post Office.
  • Ending of October -Early November Secretary at the Royal Anguilla Police Station.
  • 6th November until Present Immigration Officer 1 stationed at The Immigration Main Office.

Ms. Tashanna Brooks

  • 2nd runner up Prince $ Princess 2001
  • Past member of 2nd Anguilla Girls brigade
  • Active role in Oh Yeah Theatre Group