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August 20, 1985 -

Ms. Charla Connor is presently a student at the University of the Virgin Islands pursuing an associates degree in Business Management. Upon completion of this degree she will be transferring to the United States to pursue a Bachelors in the Career of her dreams- Fashion design.

She is a confident, intelligent, talented young lady who is full of potential and we are happy to take this opportunity to profile her on AnguillaLNT.

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  Ms. Charla Connor


Student & Panache Couture Creator

Introduction and Ambitions:

 Ms. Charla Connor is a 20 year old Student pursuing a long term goal of becoming a fashion designer.  During the summer of 2005, she launched her own clothing line, 'Panache Couture,' allowing Anguillians the opportunity to be exposed to the realm of fashion in a way never presented to them. She hopes to help develop local appreciation for the field of design.   Charla has also traveled to and participated in various shows locally and regionally. In addition
she has assisted with many pageants and carnival events - including serving in the capacity of evening wear judge for the Miss Anguilla Talented Teen Show - 2005.

In her own words - Launching Panache Couture
"In preparing for this show about 20 models were recruited. From this venture the Panache Couture Model Team was formed. This group is not just a model team but a female organization geared towards the development of the young lady in her entirety. I decided to form this organization as an alternative means for young women to develop themselves. I also saw this as my opportunity to give back to the community seeing that many young women look up to me. I consider this to be one of my greatest and best achievements."


Education   Previous Employment
Currently enrolled in the University of the Virgin Islands.

Graduated Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School with 8 CXC subjects and 4 A levels.

Attended and graduated from the Valley Primary School.

  2004 - Jan 2006: Teacher at the Valley Primary School

Previous summer jobs: Cap Juluca, Malliouhana Anico Insurance and The Immigration Main Office, Government of Anguilla.

Extracurricular Activities
Member of  1) The Anglican Young People Association (AYPA) 2) The Interact Club 3) The Leos 4) The Trendsetters Performing Arts Group 5) The Debating Society 6)The All-a wee theatre and presently 7) The Panache Couture Model Team.

In Her Own Words - What I Enjoy
I enjoy spending time with family and close friends. They are my everything. God has blessed me with a very supportive circle of friends and family. I also enjoy spending time working on my designs and working with the girls in my model team. I am a people's person and I have an appreciation for people and the finer things in life."



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