Anguilla Ocean Fronts

Coastal Property
Coastal property may either be Beach Front or Ocean Front property. In Anguilla Beach Front property is allocated solely for commercial development where as Ocean Front property may also be used for residential dwellings. 


Coastal property lies either on the Southern or Northern end of the island and each side offers unique advantages.  

  Southern Views:
-The spectacular mountains of
  St. Martin and other neighboring
- Constant cooling ocean breeze.
- Lovely sunrises and moonrises in the

- Lovely sunsets in
  the West. 

  Northern Views: 
- Calm endless ocean

- More high elevation choices. 
- Lovely sunsets in the West and
  Sunrises in the East. 

Buying/Selling Coastal Property
Driven primarily by the demand of foreign investors , the price of ocean front property has risen beyond the financial reach of the average Anguillian. Many who have inherited coastal property continue to sell while insightful investors continue to buy and erect lovely villas or retirement homes. 

Anguilla's coastal beauty is calm,  colourful, endless, cooling and effortlessly romantic. Perhaps its now fair to say that most of the ocean front property is no longer locally owned.  

Some Real Estate Companies on Anguilla

  Barbrows Real Estate:      497-2813
  Century 21 Terra Firma:  
  Connors Real Estate:      
Complete Property Services: 497-3470
Island Dream Properties: 498-3200
Prof. Reality Services :
Sea Island Realities
Remax -

Investing in Ocean Front property on an Island should involve complete consideration of the physical abuse on concrete, steel, windows and other building materials that  may be caused by the continuous ocean sprays and the naked exposure to the onslaughts of hurricanes. The initial investment should center on the appropriate material rather than probably cheaper but less resistant alternatives.  It may be a challenging task but is one that is surely richly rewarding each night the sun sets or in the morning as the fresh breeze glides in off the Atlantic Ocean during sunrise. 

Resorts  such as CuisinArt, Frangipani, Cove Castles, Cap Juluca and Shoal Bay Villas  are built on what would be termed as beach front property. While the renowned Malliouhana which is a stones throw away from Meads Bay beach, is nestled on ocean front property.
Is this ocean front or beach front?




Ocean Front Communities


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South East  Looking South  NW Looking  at Sandy Ground    North  -  Katouche Bay
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North West _ Meads Bay  South - Little Harbour    North East - Shoal Bay

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