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 Anguilla's Soca Classic, was classic indeed!!

Calypso Rose at the Landsome Bowl Cultural Center
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August 4, 2007 - On Friday evening the legendary soca/calypso got off to a slow start with the original show time of 8:30 extended all the way to 10pm, at which time the supporting band  for the performers sauntered onto the stage looking a bit lost for a time, but once under way - patrons were treated to absolutely masterful performances - more than making up for the slow beginning.

When Anguilla's Monarch Queen B took to the stage at 10:00pm, the tone for a spectacular evening of Soca-Calypso was set.

The Band members, Master of Ceremony and most of the performers were from Trinidad.

On the line-up were: 1) Sugar Aloes - Trinidad 2) Scrunter - Trinidad 3) The  Mighty Sparrow - Trinidad 4) Swallow - Antigua 5) Calypso Rose - Tobago - with ancestral links to Guinea, Grenada and Barbados

Each performed  at a superb standard for 20-30mins with a total of over 25 songs for a 3.5 - 4 hour period. The powerful voice of Sugar Aloes resonated throughout the village. He reminded the audience of how happy he was to be back in 2007, referring to his unfortunate illness in Antigua in 2006 on his way back to Trinidad from Anguilla. The illness required serious surgical procedures performed by 4 Cuban doctors and he seemed in as fine a condition, if not better, than he did a year ago. His performance was briefly interrupted by a call going out for a nurse to report to the Princess Alexandra Hospital - no further details were given.

Sparrow was as mighty as ever and though his movements were slow, his wit, voice and charm was obvious. His performance drew the first set of audience members to their feet.   A large crowd was on hand by the time Swallow made it to the stage. He connected with the mass from the onset and before long, meandered throughout them. By this time, revelers were on their feet dancing to Calypso the like of which is seldom heard today! 

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Calypso Rose, the final artist of the evening, set the stage on FIRE FIRE and by the end the band was fighting to accompany her tremendous medley and interaction with the crowd. She kicked off her shoes early in the performance and before long had picked the man she wanted on Saturday, Sunday and Monday - What a friday evening!

Her medley culminated with "Amen" ... The Red Rose, as attractive as ever, was full of energy and affection for her art and audience... quite the spectacle to behold.

Once again Soca Classic in Anguilla was a tremendous success!

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